Baby swimming courses are starting in July, September, January and April. More info at or 702 005 006.


  • Age: groups assambled by age form 6 months till 8 years
  • Number of kids in one lesson: max 4
  • Duration of one lesson: 30 minutes
  • Duration of the whole course: approx. 12 lessons
  • Price: CZK 320 /lesson
  • Discount: for the second and further sibling discount of CZK 500,- for the course




Pool information:
  • size: 5,5 x 2,5 m
  • depth: 1,34 m 
  • temperature: 32°C
  • cleaning: sand filtration with ozonation by OzonePure

Ozone kills microorganisms and thus significantly facilitates the water treatment and minimises the use of chemical preparations for water treatment. Ozone does not leave any by-products in the water, does not cause eye or nose irritation or skin dehydration. Courses take place in the morning hours, when the whole volume of the water is perfectly treated.

More information and signing up at phone +420 702 005 004 or e-mail