Esmarin Badminton League


You can sign up for the league at any time during the year by filling this form (in Czech only), or at the reception, phone: +420 702 005 006 or by e-mail at, where you will state your last name, first name, telephone number and e-mail address.

Participants are divided into groups, usually by 5 players, and in each round, which will last about 4 - 5 weeks (can be adjusted by the organizer), they will play all the matches within the group and write the the results to a group sheet, or report the results to the reception.  In the week after the round, the results will be evaluated and the next round will be drawn.  From each group, usually 2 players advance to a higher group and 2 descend to a lower group.

Players have the opportunity to apply once a year for an "upgrade" to any group.  This option should work for new players who sign up so they don't have to start from the lowest group, as well as for participants who feel like belonging to a higher group.  If the „upgraded“ player ends up in the promotion (first or second) place, he confirms his upgrade and continues.  If he finishes worse than on the second place, he returns to the original group (the new player to the lowest) and gets bonus points for the round played, according to the lower group.

The dates of the matches in the current round are agreed between the players themselves, and for this reason, by participating in this league, all participants agree that their phone number and e-mail can be known by all other participants.

The match is played for three winning sets up to 21 points (no losses).  At 20:20, the set is won by the player who achieves a two-point lead.  At 29:29, the player with the 30th point wins the set. The service in the first set is drawn, in the next set the winner of the previous set always starts. The sides change after each set and also in the fifth set when the first player scores 11 points.  In all other aspects, standard badminton international rules apply.

Players can agree on an abbreviated game for two winning sets (if both do not agree, three sets are played). In this case, write the result in the sheet as if 3 sets were played (instead of 2:1, write 3:1, instead of 2:0, write 3:0).

If the match is not completed after one hour of play, the following rules apply:
- players try to finish the match if possible (e.g. when a finishing court is free)
- if this is not possible, please record the result according to the state of the completed sets (if the score is 2:1, write 3:1, if the score is 2:0, write 3:0 etc.), even if the set being played indicates a turn-around in the match
- in case of a tie of completed sets, the status of the played set decides and if the status of the set is also a tie, the players will try to play one more decisive exchange (if this is not possible, they will decide by lot)

Each player pays half of the court and balls. The type of balls can be agreed between the players, if they do not agree, they will use the blue balls Yonex Mavis 2000.

If players do not write the results of the matches to the group sheet or do not report them to the reception by the day, when the current round ends, "penalty" points will be deducted from both opponents. If an opponent does not respond to calls to arrange a match, his opponent is entitled to enter a 3:0 default win to the sheet. If this situation is repeated, the organizer may exclude "dafaulting" player from the league. In exceptional cases, when there is an obstacle on both sides, players can agree to write the result 0:0, when no one gets points, but no penalty points are deducted.

In addition to points for match results, players are also awarded bonus points for participating in a higher group (the higher the group, the more points). Depending on the number of groups in the respective round, 10 points are added in the lowest group and in each higher one, 10 points more.  So, for example, if there are 6 groups, then participation in the first group automatically means 60 points. The points for played matches are then as follows:

Scoring table: Result Points
  3 : 0 9
  3 : 1 8
  3 : 2 7
  2 : 3 4
  1 : 3 2
  0 : 3 0
  K : K -3


In case two players gets the same number of points, the rank is decided according to their mutual match.