Stinging of tennis and badminton rackets


We offer professional tennis and badminton racquets stringing.

You can order the stringing here (in Czech) or at the reception, tel.: 702 005 006.

Tennis rackets are strung with Babolat strings. Detailed information and prices can be found here (in Czech). You can also bring your own strings or we can order other strings for you. The price of the tennis racket stringing (without the price of the strings) is 200,- CZK.

Badminton rackets are strung with Yonex strings:

BG65 - high quality universal strings with a long service life
BG80 - racing strings for offensive play
Aerosonic - racing strings for technical play

The price of stringing including one of the above mentioned strings is 400,- CZK. We can order other strings or you can bring your own. The price of stringing a badminton racket (without the price of the strings) is 230,- CZK.